A New Simple Accounting Package

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Part 1. An idea forms with forms

An easy-to-use accounts package for autoentrepreneurs

To maintain a record of our earnings and customers etc, we have been using Excel. It’s a wonderful tool and both my wife and I know what we’re doing with it. We have been working this way for about four years now and whilst everything is working fine, there are things that niggle me. I wanted an easy-to-use accounting package for autoentrepreneurs.

So one day, I decided I’d put a package together in Access. I wanted it to automate certain things and make certain other aspects of filling in accounting information a little easier. After all, I don’t mind the work, but the admin can be a pain.

Our Accounting requirements

  • A package that would give us a monthly or annual report containing a summary of total earnings paid to us during that period, total paid days worked and total number of paid jobs. Oh yes and the report must to be able to be saved as a PDF from within the code.
  • A package that required that customer details only needed to be entered once. Abbreviated details would accompany each job report, and full details for other times

Seems simple enough, right?

The results so far

The above was the major part of it and was simple enough. However, the more I did, the more I knew I could do and the better I knew this package could be.

Simply put, I am now on the way to creating a package that can not only do the above – that’s been tried and tested – but it can also provide numbered factures and devises too.

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