Tailored sites
Individually tailored sites accessible from smartphones, tablets as well as laptop and desktop computers

Tailored sites for you

Here at Sites And Stuff, we provide tailored sites, which can be as simple as a single page right up to a multi-page, multi-sectioned site.

We incorporate your images and copy together to with strap lines to provide you with a cost effective, fully responsive and professional site that befits your business or interest. We can even design and produce graphics or can be on hand to take photographs to further enhance it.

If you need forms, we can design and provide on-line forms which can be filled in and sent back to you in emails.

Whatever your requirements, we will be with you from the initial concept through to going live.

Site updates and maintenance

Sites are subject to regular updates and maintenance. From the themes used to other software installed, we can either take you through the ‘how’ so that you can perform simple updates to your site yourself, and even how to add pages, posts or simply change content. Alternatively, we can provide you with a package where we will maintain it for you. The choice is yours.

The cost for this depends upon exactly what you want done and what you provide. If you provide all the copy and graphics, the costs needn’t be huge.

Look at it as an investment; a long running advert that can be altered to suit your needs and has the potential of reaching millions of people.

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